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The Best Cannabis Kitchen Equipment

You would be hard pressed to find a chef who does not enjoy their kitchen gadgets. From fancy blenders, self-cleaning ovens or just the perfect whisk, good tools in the kitchen can make a huge difference not only in your experience cooking, but also in the final product.

Since legalization, a few kitchen tools have come out to help the cannabis chef create their perfect, and perfectly dosed, dish. Because of the technology and novelty of these machines, the cost usually ranges from CAD $200-500, so they a are good investment for the regular cannabis edibles consumer. Here’s a review of a few of the things on the market:

1. LEVO oil infuser

This do-it -all machine automatically infuses your cannabis in oils or butter with the simple push of a button- no need to worry about calculating the right dosage. Coming in at a minimum of CAD $ 399.99 it’s not the cheapest, but it is the easiest and least hassle machine on the market at the moment in our opinion. This machine is perfect for the cannabis cook who is looking for minimum effort and maximum results.

2. Ardent FX decarboxylator

This is a simple machine with a simple purpose: it decarboxylates your weed. We like this one because of the size- it’s about as big as a large coffee thermos, and is highly portable. It has 4 settings, two of which are for the more casual canna cooks ( infuse and bake) and two which are for those chefs with a little more experience- A1, which is good for infusing high CBG and THC content bud, and A2, which is better for making a more CBD dominant infusion. Also it’s dishwasher safe, gotta love that.

At CAD $350.00 it’s a moderate investment, but the scope of it’s abilities, and it’s portability, make this a great addition to any cannabis kitchen. Also it’s perfect for the chef who wants to play around with infusion methods and times.

3. The t-check

This is a great toy for those who want to have a more involved role in their infusions, or play around with different decarboxylation methods that aren’t available in the pre-set machines. The t-check is a machine with an app attached that allows you to input the grams of cannabis you use and the substrate which it is infused in, then put 5 drops of your infusion into the machine. It will analyze the sample and 2 minutes later, you have your concentrations which are presented in an easy to read manner.

Using this means that you will always know how potent your infusion is, no matter how experimental your methods. While it doesn't decarboxylate or infuse your buds, it will give you absolute peace of mind for your the dosage of your final result.

Coming in at CAD $299.99 it’s a modest investment for the peace of mind it provides.

While you don't need fancy machines to make cannabis infusions, they do make the process a lot easier and smoother, and if you're willing to make the investment, we think they're totally worth it.


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