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I Wanna Jam it With You

Ironically, my partner Sara is not massively into cannabis. a damn waste if you ask me- but I get it. A badly dosed rice crispy treat in her teens and an overestimation of her tolerance at a dinner party in 2013 has made her, well, skittish about these things. So we've been experimenting with some dishes and strains which are light in effects and not so Moorish that we'll accidently eat too much.

As we are now in Prince Edward County and rhubarb and strawberries are ready, we decided to try our hands at Cannajam.

Looking for something that wasn't at all heavy on the THC, we found 'Balanced' by Tweed from our local cannabis dispensary Fridays. This is a bargain at $19.00 per 3.5 grams, and contains 8% THC and CBD. As the name suggests it is a perfectly balanced, light high which is great for those who prefer the effects of CBD, but want to have a little THC fun too.

Now the real fun with this dish comes from the infusion method. Jam doesn't contain oil or butter, and as we know cannabinoids are fat soluble. We decided to try a glycerin infusion method to circumvent this.

Glycerin is a sugar alcohol derived from animals or plants ( we used vegetable glycerin), but presents as a sweet syrupy liquid. We substituted glycerin for oil and ended up with a beautifully mellow, terpene-rich infusion which seamlessly blended in to the jam.

We were left with a sugary, delightful treat which went perfectly on toast, and which was satifsying enough that it didn't leave you going back for seconds and thirds.

One thing to note with glycerin infusions is that the T check is unable to calculate

the THC and CBD concentration for this solution, so you will have to rely on old fashioned math to get your dosage.


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