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How Edibles Can Ease Your PMS

The side effects of a period can be nasty, and sometimes difficult to treat with even heavy hitters like extra strength pain killers starting to loose their effectiveness over time. Coupled with the health concerns of taking high doses of painkillers each month, some people are looking for a better way to feel better.

Enter cannabis. Cannabis has been used to manage period pain for a long time, with one notable user being Queen Victoria, whose physician issued her a tonic of Hemp to help ease her cramps. Period pain is caused by the presence of inflammatory compounds called prostaglandins, over which cannabinoids have no effect, so there is still research that needs to be done on the extent of efficacy which cannabis has on treating period pain. There is, however, an extensive library of anecdotal evidence which suggests that it helps. Much of this is attributed to the euphoric effects of THC and the CBD which helps to reduce stress and mood swings.

A couple of strains which are particularly helpful are Gemstone, which is a peaceful yet invigorating hybrid perfect for daytime dosing. Strawberry Milkshake is a great strain to chill you right out and is a great muscle relaxant, and Island Maui Haze is a great strain for relieving pain while also keeping you uplifted and happy.

Any of these strains infused in some laced Nutella sounds like a banging way to get yourself feeling your best.


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