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  • Are these dinners legal?
    Yes! As our private dinners are conducted on private premises and all cannabis is bought through legal government streams, our dinners are within the law.
  • How much does a dinner cost?
    The cost of dinners is calculated by the number of courses and can range from $100 to $300 per head. Cannabis is bought separately through a licensed dispensary and depending on the number of guests and cannabis strains used the price can typically range from $100-$400.
  • Can I drive home after a dinner?
    No! Please make sure to arrange alternate transportation if you will be taking a car. We are happy to call a cab for you afterward should you need a ride home.
  • Do you serve alcohol at private dinners?
    We do offer alcohol pairings, but at smaller volumes than you might otherwise be used to. This is to reduce the risk of overindulging with the cannabis. We recommend only seasoned cannabis consumers drink alcohol with their meals, or else those who are having not having an infused meal. As with the cannabis, all alcohol is BYO.
  • Is there CBD in the meals?
    Yes! We often include a CBD cocktail or meal about midway through as a calming and indulgent way of balancing the THC infusions. If you are wanting more or less CBD in your meals, we can certainly accommodate it!
  • What if I’ve never consumed cannabis before?
    If you have little or no experience with cannabis edibles we recommend starting at the lowest possible dosage. Edibles have a longer lasting effect than smoking cannabis, and it is easier to overdo it due to the delayed onset of effects. Therefore, if you have never had edibles before we recommend experimenting with store bought edibles and working out your ideal dose well before the dinner, or else opting to ‘start low and go slow’ by picking a very low dose for your meal.
  • What if I don’t get high?
    Everyone experiences cannabis edibles differently. If you are not sure what your tolerance is, it may be difficult to gauge your ‘goldilocks high’- the sweet spot where you feel the effects of cannabis in an enjoyable way. We cannot guarantee that you will experience a high from the meal, nut we can guarantee a wonderful dining experience.
  • If there is leftover cannabis, will I get it back?"
    Yes! We use the cannabis you buy to make infusions for your meal, but we will give you the leftover oil, flower or distillate at the end of your meal to take home.
  • Can I pick my dose?
    Yes! You can pick your overall dosage for the entire meal leading up to the dinner.
  • What is the highest dose you offer?
    We know that THC tolerance can vary greatly from person to person, so we let you decide how high you want to go. We have made meals as low as 2mg and some as high as 1000mg.
  • Can I pick what kind of cannabis goes into my meal/ food?
    Absolutely! We do provide pairing recommendations which have to do with the terpene flavours present in the strain which will complement the flavours of the dish, but if you have your heart set on a particular strain, we are happy to use it in your meal. The only stipulation is that it must be purchased legally through a dispensary.
  • Can I provide Cannabis from my own private stash?
    Currently we are not offering infused meals made from pre bought or privately grown cannabis. This is because, for legal reasons, we must be able to guarantee the THC strength and general quality of the product, as well as ensuring it comes from legal grow operations. Only cannabis purchased through a government regulated store with a receipt in an unopened container can be used.
  • Do you make all of the infusions yourself or do you use isolates?
    We love terpenes, so we make as many flower infusions as we can to capture the unique flavours of each cannabis flower by infusing it in a number of butters and oils. However, if there is a request to infuse a meal past a certain dosage we will ‘bulk’ the dish up with a THC isolate. This is to ensure the quality and integrity of the dish is maintained.
  • Do you use local produce?
    Wherever possible we use locally sourced product grown by local PEC farmers.
  • What happens if I get too high?
    We strongly encourage you to be realistic about your tolerance when you attend a dinner, and we ascribe to the ‘start low and go slow’ mantra if you are unsure what your tolerance for edibles is. We always furnish a room at the party which is dark and quiet so that if you feel you have overindulged there is a quiet, safe space to be while you level out. Remember that cannabis is non-lethal and if you do feel like you overdid it, all it takes is time and a nap to be okay again.
  • Does eating cannabis have a different effect to smoking it?
    Yes! You will feel different eating cannabis rather than smoking it, since the biological pathways for ingesting cannabis are unique, you may find that the high, duration and intensity feel different even if you are a seasoned cannabis smoker. We caution smokers not to make assumptions about their edibles tolerance for this reason.
  • Can underage guests attend if they are not eating infused meals?
    Unfortunately, not. All guests must have proof of age before a meal commences.
  • Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
    Yes! We can create a customized menu which takes food allergies into account.
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