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Welcome to
Cannabis High Cookery

Here at Cannabis High Cookery we offer personally tailored cannabis cooking lessons and private cooking experiences.


CHC was conceived from our passion for good food, local produce, and dank  buds. 

We noticed that the infusions and edibles on the market were not what we wanted- grassy infused brownies, greasy gummies and weird tasting candy. We became  disappointed with the conventional recipes and  methods of cannabis cooking and knew that eating cannabis could be a culinary delight and an elite dining experience way beyond the pot brownies or grassy unpalatable cannabutter.

So, we  set to work on creating meals which incorporate cannabis, but which also taste great! CHC was inspired by our desire to share the brave new world of cannabis cuisine with Canada. 

We provide beautiful tasting food infused in such a way that it leans in to the terpene flavours of the cannabis, finding the flavours and nuance of the bud and using it as a contributor to the meal. We strive to create memorable, once in a lifetime dining experiences for you and your guests. 

Not only to we strive to bring gorgeous food and elite infusions to the world, but we also are at the cutting edge of techniques, constantly challenging ourselves to create the most flavourful, nuanced and exquisite infusions you have ever tried.

Ian McClatchey

Ian is an internationally trained chef with over 20 years of experience in 9 countries including Sweden, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand and the U.K. 

Ian moved to Canada in 2018 in time to see cannabis legalization become a reality and began combining his passion for cannabis and cuisine. 

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Sara Hodgkinson is a registered acupuncturist with 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. A proponent of plant medicine, she has seen first hand the power of cannabis to help and heal.


As a recent Environmental Management graduate from University of Guelph, she has particular passion for food-as-medicine and local, sustainable food systems. 

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