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Prince  Edward County  Cannabis Society

PECCS is a passion project coming out in spring of 2023.  Our mission is to create a safe, inclusive space where cannabis users from all walks of life can learn, burn and share their experiences and wisdom! 

All About PECCS

The PEC Cannabis Society was formed out of a desire to share our love and passion for cannabis with our community. 

Even four years in to legalization, social stigmas still surround the use and consumption of cannabis. We wanted to create a safe, inclusive space where people can talk freely about their cannabis use, compare notes with other  users, access and discuss good quality information regarding the benefits, issues and uses of cannabis, and consume in a relaxing and social environment

How Do I Become a Member? 

Becoming a member is super easy!

No matter what your level of experience  or area of interest with cannabis, you are welcome to join!

  • You must be over 19 years of age 

  • There is a $5.00 admin fee per month with a minimum commitment of six month paid in advance ($30.00) 

  • Must be able to make transport arrangements to ensure there is no intoxicated driving- carpool options can be arranged! 

Send us a message in the communication box below to join! 

Why Join PECCS?

By joining PECCS, you will join a group of people from all walks of life with something in common- Cannabis!

Meetings are held monthly and will include:

  • Buds in the Barn! Join us once a month for a mingle and a smoke in members only community centre

  • Information nights! every wondered what the difference is between THC, CBN or CBD is? Want to know more about the endocannabinoid system? Come to a community info night! All are welcome, as  are suggestions for info night topics.

  • Workshops- Ever wondered how to roll a tulip joint, or what you need to know as a first time cannabis grower? We host informative, hands-on workshops to help you et the most out of your buds and your sessions!

  • Learn and burns- think of a book club but with cannabis! We gather, sample and discuss products available through the OCS

  • Advocate- As a community we discuss issues facing cannabis users. From cannabis injustice issues to legalizing brick and mortar cannabis cafes, we organize and advocate for improving the way ways Canadians use and interact with cannabis! 





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