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Cannabis Infusions 

Eat Your Greens with CHC!

Butter Cookies

What We Do 

CHC takes the guesswork out of making infused cannabis butters and oils! Our easy-to-use service ensures that your infusions are both safe and effective. Try out Cannabis High and unlock the potential of homemade cannabis butters and oils!

Check out our infographic below to learn how it works! 


We offer three premium options for infusion base. 

Image by Simon Sapper

Ghee (Clarified Butter) 

Ghee is butter with the impurities removed. Great for baking!

$25/ 400g block 

Image by Irene Kredenets


MCT oil is liquified coconut oil, and is a great healthy option for your infusion base!

$30/ 400g 

Image by Victoria Todorova

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Great for making salad dressings or just to drizzle over you meal


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